Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Do you have tired eyes?

If you are a night owl who stay's awake staring at a computer screen all night, you probably have tired eyes like me. But, how can you hide it without your mother worrying if you are sick? There are some secrets. Get away from the tired puppy dog eyes to ones that pop!

If you have puffy eyes...

1. Cold Spoons. Throw some in the freezer and when they are COLD place them on your eyes. It will calm the inflammation.

2. Tea Bags. Cold Tea bags helps tighten up the skin without spending a fortune on those "caffeine creams." Place bags on eyes for 5 minutes. Repeat 3 times a week.

3. If you have dark circles (that purple color) under the eyes. Use a peachy eye shadow which hides dark colors.

4. If you have red inflammation use a green concealer then apply foundation. Green hides the color red. Very good tip if you also have blemishes. Green concealer is available at most drug-stores.

Don't use hemorrhoid cream for the puffiness. Although it might be a quick fix its not the safest for the skin under your eyes. The skin under the eyes is v
ery sensitive and you could form a rash or an allergic reaction then end up in the emergency room. You don't want that to happen.

Another quick tip, whenever yo
u are applying anything under your eyes, if you are going to use your finger use the ring finger. It is the gentlest and softest of the five fingers-the safest to use.

My Spring Shower Make-Over

Aright girls! I created a simple and easy spring look! Only 6 steps seriously!

After putting on your foundation- liqui
d or powder follow these steps! You can use all the items you already have in your make-up bag, you can use the brands I chose or the ones you like.

1. Cover the whole eye-lid with a silver creme eye-shadow base.
2. Line the eye-lid with a green eye shadow. I used Revlon.
3. Apply black pencil eye-liner to the co
rners of the eye- upper and lower. Do not line the whole eye. I used Christian Dior.
4. Brush mascara on lashes generously. U
se lash blast by Cover-Girl.

5. Sweep on a pink blush on balls of cheeks. I used Clinque because it sparkles.

6. For pop bright pink lip gloss. I used Maybelline. See...pretty and simple for Spring!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hot items for Spring 2009....

Products you can compliment with all types of looks and styles this Spring

1. Deconstructed black eye liner...smudge
with finger, brush, or get creative! Try Smolder by MAC. If you want to go colorful try Bobbi Brown gel liners which come in a variety of spring colors as well! If you want to go sparkly try Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush liquid glitter liners!

2. For a fabulous glow use a little highlighter on the cheeks...Try Creme Color Base by MAC

3. All about H2O! Get the soft watery look with eye shadows... which compliments softer neutral shades-oyster, mushroom, an
d taupe seen in Victoria's Secret Spring Clothing Collection...Try Estee Lauder's Pure Color Shadow in Praline or Sandbox.

4. GET OVER the matte powdery look and IN with a more light and fresh! Try Studio Sculpt Foundation, Mineralize SkinFinish, Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing powder, and Fix Plus Spray...all by should look fresh, not like a desert.

Keep Checking for more updates on my Spring Beauty Secrets!

Monday, April 27, 2009


Spring is here and everything outside is fresh and new! The world is also waiting for a you to come outdoors and celebrate the spring new and refreshed! I created a simple before and after Spring make-over. You can look beautiful no matter what age you are.



Products I used and steps I took

1. First I used a TanTowel-mini tan towlettes-all over the face.
2. I covered any imperfections with Estee Lauder's all over concealer.
3. Brushed over Prescriptives powder foundation all over face.
4. Applied true pink blush from Covergirl onto cheek bones. You can use any brand of pink blush.
5. Applied a highlighter onto cheeks. I like Shi-Seido stick highlighter. It glides right on.
6. Applied a neutral gold shadow by Estee Lauder all over eyes and under brows.
7. Applied a lighter shade of purple shadow by Estee Lauder into crease and outer edge of eyes.
8. Dabbed highlighter under eyes and into the corner eyes for major shimmer.
9. Lined eyes with an eggplant eyeliner also by Shi-Seido. I only lined the top of the eyes.
10. For mascara i used a dark brown mascara by Shi-Seido on both upper and Lower lashes. I used brown because black mascara is too harsh for her skin color and i didn't want her to look over done.
11. Used a tickle pink lip-stick from Estee Lauder on lips and then applied highlighter on top to provide shine.

12. Walla! She is a masterpiece! See it is so simple to get a Spring make-over. I used all the items I already had in my make-up bag! You don't have to use name brands either. Most drug stores have tons of make-up which works the same as counter make-up. Have fun with this make-over!

Looking Fresh for the Spring

Its Spring Time So Lets Spring Up Your Make-Up! I’m going to take it step by step so lets start with the face.

These three tips for the face are essential!

1. Great skin starts in the kitchen. Make sure you are drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day. This will help keep your skin glowing and reduce blemishes. Also taking a multi-vitamin helps with all over cell growth throughout your body keeping you in good shape.
2. Make sure you are washing face before bed, even if you aren’t wearing makeup. Throughout the day your skin is exposed to so many free radicals—dust, dirt and whatever is in the air, especially now that it is Spring so much pollen and mold are floating around in the air which can stick to your skin and cause allergic reactions, also which causes clogged pores and breakouts. Use a foaming clean cleanser. If you have troubles with acne use a foaming cleanser with Salicylic acid.

3. Moisturize and don’t forget it! Moisturizing keeps the skin smooth and healthy…it is like food for your skin. Even though it’s not summer yet, the sun is shining bright in the sky and touches your skin. Wear a sunscreen or an SPF foundation. It really doesn’t matter if it’s a 15 or a 30, just wear it! Sunscreen prevents freckles, moles and skin cancer so protect your skin!

Products for Your Face I live by and Recommend for You!

1. Face Wash-Neutrogena facial cleansers-they come in a variety for all skin types and don’t cost a fortune. Neutrogena also carry face moisturizers which aren’t a fortune either. 2. Sunscreen-Walgreen’s sells an oil free sunscreen which is safe for the face and body. It comes in a lip balm as well.
3. Foundation- In spring time, you don’t have to limit yourself to light coverage’s…its not summer yet. But, you can choose the amount of coverage. Prescriptives sell foundations for all skin types. They very from very light coverage to full coverage. I personally love the powder foundation. Now this is a foundation wear you can decide the coverage-heavy or light. Oh and believe me it covers and it feels light as a feather on your face.

4. After applying make-up fill a spray bottle with Evian water (or any mineral water) and spray it on to your face. Your make-up will then feel fresh and look like porcelain.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring Clean!...Clean out the Make-Up bag!

Spring has sprung. Most people have started spring cleaning their house and cars, but what about your make-up bag? Yes in order to get you blossoming right along with the spring flowers, your make-up bag needs an update…and this is for every girl. Before walking out on the runway or red-carpet, follow some of my instruction and some great tips from my personal artist (and friend) — D’Shannon Lewellyn.

Rule of thumb. While cleaning out the house clean out the make-up bag.

Every girl should clean out their make-up bag because...

1. It’s likely full of stuff you are hoarding but not using...

  • You need to learn how to use your make-up. Schedule an appointment with a trained professional who can show which spring colors are right for your skin tone or not. Making a trip to the make-up counter doesn’t mean you have to buy everything, just a couple items will have you springing in no time. Also, with a help of a trainer you wont be making impulse purchases at the counter, and ending up with a ton of dust collectors.

2. You have old stuff that is no longer current, may have passed its shelf life, and just needs to be pitched...

  • If your make-up smells, cracked and rusty, has lost its texture or no longer has a lid most likely it’s expired and needs to be pitched.
  • Find products you like, that can be used as a staple but also reflects current trends in make-up. For example, a dark colored eye-liner or a neutral blush, something you can use all year round and match up with other colors through the seasons. You can pick up one or two items a season to change the look and stay current without spending a fortune.

3. You are just not enjoying the process anymore....

  • Make-up should be fun, and the process shouldn't be one that frustrates you. Get rid of colors that don't bring out your best, and find ones that make your eyes pop, your skin appear flawless, and make you feel like a diva! For example, if you have darker skin beware of being to bright and sparkly and the same thing for fairer skin, beware of being to dark…you don’t want to look fake or overdone. Go to the make-up counter and have fun!

4. Bonus!

  • If you have empty containers learn how you can recycle them. If you shop at a counter that has a recycling program, for example M.A.C., you can turn in your empty or unused make-up containers (instead of pitching them) and get a free lipstick, lip-gloss or eye shadow.

Next…Be ready for some hot spring items on my list! You don’t want to miss out. Also coming up, a before and after spring style make-over.